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Allergen Abatement and Odor Removal Stillwater and Shoreview MN

Need Allergen Abatement and Odor Removal in Stillwater and Shoreview MN? Do You have Odors in your Home, Car, or RV? Is the odor so foul that you ashamed to bring people to home? Does your car have that “not new car smell”? Is that RV have a stale stench from sitting outside? Is it safe to say that you are sick and tired of always having allergy attacks in your home or office?  Well look no further! At FASTDRY Environmental Carpet Cleaning, we can remove any odor with our Miracle Vapor Gassing System.

If you are living with an odor problem that you can’t stand, our Odor Removal company of Minnesota  and their progressive, new Miracle Vapor Gassing System would be able to take care of all your odor removal urgencies. Simply just call FASTDRY Environmental Carpet Cleaning, at your earliest convenience. But DO NOT wait too long because that foul odor might be something much more terrible than only a repulsive odor.  That smell may demonstrate that your house is a reproducing ground for any number of viruses and allergens.The Miracle Vapor Gassing System is an antiseptic that can eradicate virtually any odor and bacteria. It can remove any odor including Pet and Cigarette odor. The Miracle Vapor Gassing System can even eliminate all mold that lives in the crevices of your home.

Our business is conveniently based in White Bear Lake from where we serve homeowners and businesses from Minnesota communities including:

  • Shoreview

  • Woodbury

  • Stillwater

  • Blaine

Odor Removal Stillwater and Shoreview MN

The mystery behind our organization’s success  is because of the Miracle Vapor Gassing System which are special components that when combined in the exact ratios  , join to make our odor removal product so effective and popular. The Miracle Vapor Gassing System is known as Chlorine Dioxide or clo2. You may be asking yourself, “What sorts of odors will Chlorine dioxide eliminate?” These are the top 8 odors that people deal with on a daily basis.

  1. Pet Urine odor and cat litter boxes are frequently the guilty party

  2. Cigarette smoke odor is a smokey number 2 on the list.

  3. Cooking odors such as fish, curry, and garlic, which will linger in any kitchen

  4. Musty basement and crawl space odor- dark and damp areas that breed mildew.

  5. Automobile odors are exterminated with our Miracle Vapor Gassing System within 60 minutes.

  6. Smoke odor eradication  from house fires.

  7. Geriatric smells

  8. Marijuana smoke especially as it is becoming legal in more states

With results like these, our amazing odor removal system is expected to help scores of homeowners in this region eliminate the odors that we all love to hate.

The entire process represents quite a breakthrough in odor control and sanitation. The product is so safe and versatile that it was used to eliminate odors, sanitize and refresh the air of government buildings during the anthrax terror attack several years ago.Those of us who are prone to sneezing, sniffling, tearing generally have negative reactions when exposed to irritants will love what our system does to those irritants. This amazing product eliminates all irritants and leaves you with wonderful fresh air. What’s that worth to PEOPLE who react to allergens and other airborne irritants in their homes, particularly during spring and early summer high pollen.

As a company, We are a local family owned company that grew as an extension from our carpet cleaning business.  We saw a need for a fast, safe, and effective way to completely eliminate odors and be able to guarantee our work.  We are thrilled with our odor elimination system and we just know you will be as well.

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