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Need Allergen and Odor Removal White Bear Lake MN?Here in the north country, residents love the clear blue skies and the clean, fresh invigorating that Minnesota is known for. The thought of a polluted environment is unsettling for locals; so much so that homeowners who live in the relatively pristine towns in the state, are excited about the advanced 21st century Allergen and Odor Removal system our company is introducing to residents of the following communities and towns listed here: White Bear Lake MN, Blaine MN, Shoreview MN, Woodbury MN and Stillwater.
While the outside air is always a concern, the quality of air in homes, businesses and in other enclosed areas can often be a challenge because of the many sources of contamination that arise in the course of daily life. We are FASTDRY Environmental. We are please to bring our Fast, Safe, and 100% Guaranteed complete odor removal service to the area.

We originated as a carpet cleaning business, but grew rapidly along with our reputation for quality work and reliability grew. To provide even more valuable services to the community of White Bear and other towns in the Twin City suburbs. AS we grew, we learned a lot about our customers and their need. We saw a need for a fast, safe, and effective way to remove difficult allergens and Odor from the homes of our clients in White Bear Lake MN and its neighboring towns and villagesUnlike traditional and largely ineffective methods that people have used to deodorize, sanitize and attempt to eliminate household odors, our revolutionary concept actually works.

So confident are we that we not only guarantee our service…We stand by it
And actually back up our guarantee! Our claims are not meaningless hype If you are not absolutely please with the performance of our miracle product, we will treat it again at no cost to you. If, after that second treatment your odor remains, we will refund your money – all of it, with no questions asked, and certainly, no hard feelings. That is as meaningful a guarantee as you will ever see. We guarantee that! For the record, we have never encountered a situation where our promises failed to be fulfilled. That’s why we are completely hyped about it.

So what is this miracle product that is part of this extraordinary Minnesota Odor Removal System? It is the Miracle Vapor Gassing System, a process that combines the naturally occurring elements of Chlorine and Oxygen to create Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide Gas is able to penetrate deeply into indoor materials, and get to areas where most toxins, pollens, viruses and bacteria resides. This deep penetration is why Chlorine Dioxide Gas (CLO2) works so well at eliminating even the worst indoor odors and to reduce indoor allergens, while destroying indoor viruses and bacteria. We are certain that you will agree that Chlorine Dioxide Gas And the Miracle Vapor Gassing System™ is one of the greatest developments of the 21st century.

What is interesting is that CLO2 has no relationship to Chlorine bleach. It is a completely different animal that unlike Chlorine bleach is completely safe to use in virtually every situation. CLO2 is used to sanitize drinking water in systems throughout the world and was the product successfully used to clean up the environment after a serious anti government anthrax plot was discovered several years ago. The benefits of Chlorine Dioxide were first discovered by scientists in 1811, but, it has only recently been made available in this safe new format.

Our proprietary Allergen and Odor Removal procedure now being introduced to White Bear Lake MN residents and to homeowners and others in Blaine MN, Shoreview MN, Woodbury MN and Stillwater MN is so effective that we stake our reputation on it. Our company stands by our claim that nothing else compares with FAST DRY Environment’s ability to thoroughly and completely clean and sanitize the widest, most inclusive array of harmful germs, allergens, horrendous odors and widespread contaminants from the most difficult areas of your home, business or other areas of concern. Unlike competing products that make claims similar claims, our system is the only one that will completely destroy odors not mask them temporarily. FASTDRY Environmental and CLO2 is 100 percent guaranteed to work on the toughest odors.

Our research into the odors indicate that by consensus, the following odors are the ones our customers most often seek help with. Therere no doubt, many more. Here is a partial listing.

Kitchen and house fire odors

Tobacco-cigarette and cigar smoke are major areas of discomfort, especially for former smokers

Marijuana smoke or the smell of a growing facility are high on the list. This smell is strong and lingering because it is illegal in some states, could have legal implications

Remove Pet odors, especially our favorite cats and dogs can be an irritating source of odors

Skunks-need we say more?

Musty, mildew, mold -think of dark damp basements where mold flourishes and releases pollen blooms

Urine odors from infants and the elderly
and more!

When Minnesota Odor Removal Service first introduced our unique product to consumers, we concentrated on removing on household odors- resulting from bad odors caused storms and floods, or fire and cigarette smoke smells and odors from backed up sewers, overflowed toilets, rotting garbage, and kitchen odors from curry and other exotic spices. We have since had complete success with many bizarre odor like dead animals between walls or in basements, chemical spills, flooding and a number of other common elements including odors from human remains that have been left to ferment.

This remarkable CLO2 system has proved to be invaluable when treating and eliminating both odor and airborne pollutants and pollen from apartment buildings, rental units, boats, RVs, offices, hotels and motels where maintaining a fresh, sanitary and fresh smelling environment is requirement for success. Our miracle gas vapor system works for both allergen and Odor Removal in White Bear Lake MN and neighboring communities.

We are so confident in the system that we will not only refund the cost of application, but we will also pay you $200 if you are not satisfied with the results. It doesn’t get much better then that.

Here’s More About Our Quick Allergy Relief System –

Miracle Vapor Gassing System works by deactivating mold spores that are created by mold. they are formed intentionally so the mold can survive very unpleasant environments like extreme cold or extreme heat and extreme acidic environments. Whenever those spores can find a more conducive and secure spot it will attach itself and becomes active mold that can have an effect on those with allergy problems

Our technicians continuously work to develop new methods that will remove odors and allergens in other areas of concern. Our focus beaver waves in our quest to provide more residents of White Bear Lake Blaine Shoreview Woodbury and Stillwater f a safe odor free environment.

More Examples of Successful Uses

Hospitals and other medical facilities have successfully used our process to sanitize and maintain water systems equipment and procedure rooms to keep them free of bacteria and mold.

For equipment and medical implements sterilization for cleaning the camera and the camera scopes used for endoscopies and colonoscopies.

It is used by cities to clean and sanitize the municipal water treatment plants as well as the water.

Farmers use it to kill bacteria on crops and plants or eggs that might be contaminated with Legionella and other viruses.

Chlorine dioxide in gas or liquid form will kill bacteria and viruses as described above and deactivate the molds that other processes can not treat because they are so resistant to so many treatments.

There are numerous forms of bacteria and viruses and harmful mold spores that can cause a variety of illnesses for adults and children. They range from influenza to measles. Mold spores, particularly the treacherous black mold can cause many common respiratory issues, everything from severe sinus infections to severe lung disease. These allergens can and do trigger asthma and other allergies that can affect susceptible humans. If you are known to suffer from allergen exposure, the Chlorine Dioxide system can eliminate those viruses and free you from the diseases and viruses in the air.
Chlorine Dioxide can be an effective mold and allergen killer of spore-triggered diseases, that can also eliminate and kill all the harmful bacteria and viruses, in part because it destroys their protein shield covering.

As the scientific community delves further into the uses for CLO2, more become apparent and the trend continues, as do the number of proven applications for both odor and allergen removal. Here are a few examples of facilities that are reaping the rewards from the use of our miracle gas vapor. We count the following categories of facilities among our many satisfied customers that are benefiting from this revolutionary product:

Chlorine Dioxide Use Categories

CLO2 is effective in Areas where human perspiration and moisture all come together to create the perfect environment for bacteria and mold in:
School gyms
Health clubs
Fitness gyms
Martial arts facilities
Racquetball clubs

These are areas where our Chlorine Dioxide process has been proved to be effective against bacteria and ensuing odors that result from workouts and physical exertion. Not only will this miracle gas eliminate the naturally occurring body odors,but it will also reach deep into the entire facility and sterilize the equipment, tile and tools used in the various programs. It effectively and economically gets to all the surfaces and room contents without the need for costly hand wiping. Once applied, odors and bacteria are almost magically just gone.

Car Dealers
One of the problems facing car dealers and individuals with a smoke drenched used vehicle is the horrible odor that is created by years of smoking inside the vehicle. Cigarette smoke is perhaps the most exasperating offensive odor we are exposed to.

Its acrid odor is evident with every puff of a cigarette or cigar, but the smoke particles left in the vehicle sit baking in the sun pose an even worse problem. The molecules become embedded deeply into the upholstery, air vents and hard surfaces of a car and become even more intense.

Cigarette smoke is among the most difficult odors to eliminate, but our powerful odor-killing product does the job and leaves a car smelling fresh and much easier to sell – at a much higher price. We give you our guarantee that after an application of our miracle CLO2 vapor, all traces of disgusting tobacco smoke will permanently gone, CLO2 is also available to individuals who have cars contaminated with the smell os smoke. Our easy to use odor killer will kill those amoke odors with an application or your money bak.

Realtors, Agents and Brokers

Professionals in the field admit that a fair number of home sales are lost because of odors that exist in a listing. The house may be perfect in virtually every way except for a deep-rooted, peculiar or obnoxious odor that is evident all through the house.

In some cases, buyers might be motivated to go through with the purchase of the property, but only after deep discounts are put into play. Should that be the scenario…
a.) the realtor loses a significant amount of income
b.) the seller takes a financial hit
c.) unless the buyer can eliminate the odor, no one ends up happy with the transaction

On the other hand, an experienced agent can improve his chances of a successful sale by having the listing treated with our miracle product before officially offering it for sale; or he could recommend that the seller take responsibility and call our Minnesota Odor Removal Service for help.

Eliminate Mold, a major cause of allergy attacks
Elevated Indoor Mold Spore counts are a major cause of allergy attacks throughout the world. Black mold is one of the better-known mold types that can result in severe Mold poisoning, a serious health threat. People with severe allergy problems should have their homes treated with CLO2 to combat the mold in their indoor environments. Why suffer when relief is available.

If You Need Quick Allergy Relief, CLO2 may be the answer.
FASTDRY Carpet Cleaning & Environmental is the leader in environmental service,for residents of the following Minnesota towns: White Bear Lake, Blaine, Shoreview, Woodbury And Stillwater.
Count on us to safely and completely eliminate and permanently remove pet urine odors, smoke odor, all common pet odors, cigarette, cigar and marijuana smoke odors. We are also number one in allergen and pollen removal. Fresh clean air is a phone call away when you call FastDry Environmental Services, the leader in allergen and Odor Removal in White Bear Lake MN.

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